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FHYAA COVID-19 Protocol

Updated September 23, 2021

Due to the increase in COVID 19 cases and the new Delta variant, the guidance and rules from Fairfax County and the CDC have been updated.

All Participants, Parents, Coaches, Referees & Community: The Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (FHYAA) is committed to creating a safe environment for youth sports and being a conscientious community member by reducing the spread of COVID-19. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment so we can continue to provide recreational sports where participants learn teamwork, develop friendships, self-confidence, and good sportsmanship, empowering our young athletes to become responsible citizens.    

This policy, utilized by all FYHAA programs, serves to protect the well-being of players, coaches, referees, officials, parents and spectators, who all must abide by these rules. Informed by ttion, it is updated as relevant national, state and local health regulations and guidelines change. This protocol provides ovehe latest informarall FHYAA safety requirements, however please review any additional sport-specific COVID-19 protocols to ensure compliance for that sport.

INDOOR Facilites (as mandated by Fairfax County Policy):

  • Only Participants actively engaged in play do not have to wear masks. When not engaged in play all players, coaches, referees, spectators, must wear masks at all times.
  • All who enter an indoor facility, vaccinated or not, must wear masks and maintain social distancing at indoor venues.

OUTDOOR Venues (Recommended):

Vaccinated Participants:

  • Vaccinated individuals are permitted to participate in all activities without a mask and are not required to maintain social distance, but social distancing is strongly recommended.
  • Proof of vaccination is not required.

Non vaccinated Participants:

  • All individuals must maintain COVID-19 protocols outlined below for wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.
  • We recognize that many participants are not yet eligible for the vaccine.  Under age 12 participants must continue to wear masks and adhere to safety guidelines. 

Spectator Policy:

  • Spectators are permitted at indoor and outdoor practices and games. 
  • There are no limits on the number of spectators per family as long as each event has fewer than 250. Large events may have special protocols to be followed, as may events hosted at “away” facilities.
  • All non-active participants, vaccinated or not, must wear masks and maintain social distancing at indoor venues.



  • Coaches will keep players six feet apart where practicable:
    • Keep team activities to smaller groups
    • Put cones down to illustrate what six feet looks like
    • Minimize the time players are in huddles or waiting in lines
  • Avoid carpooling. If carpooling is necessary, wear masks when in confined spaces.
  • Masks should be worn while in close proximity to other team players and coaches, for instance on the side line while waiting to engage in play on the field.
  • Officials and Home Teams may make adjustments to these policies on a case-by-case basis (e.g., require players and coaches to mask up during play) based on his/her own requirements/level of comfort.
  • If COVID-19 symptoms are exhibited during a team activity, the participant will socially distance themselves and leave the event immediately.
  • The team playing defense will provide game balls for their team. Balls will be sanitized after each game/practice. 
  • After a game, coaches and players will wave to the opposing team instead of post game high fives.
  • No team snacks or meals are permitted prior to or after games.



  • FHYAA RESPONSIBILITY: Per Fairfax County policies, FHYAA must file a report immediately with the Fairfax County Health Department if a participant, coach, player or referee is diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or a positive test) using this link: https://redcap.vdh.virginia.gov/redcap/surveys/?s=XXNP8LMKD7
  • You must provide the following:
    • Name of positive case and Date of Birth
    • Parent/Guardian Information: Name & Phone Number (If the positive case was a minor)
    • Home address of the Positive Case.
    • Sports Organization & Team Affiliation (including Rosters and coach information)
    • Last Day the Positive Case participated in an activity and the FCPS location
  • NOTIFICATION: If a participant is diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or a positive test), they must notify their coach immediately and cease attending FHYAA events. A confidential notification will be sent to the team.
  • TEAM SHUTDOWN: If the participant diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or a positive test) attended a team event in the 7 calendar days prior to the diagnosis, that team will cease practices and cancel all scheduled games and team events for 14 calendar days after the date of diagnosis. 
  • RETURN TO PLAY: Those identified as having known exposure or have tested positive may return to play after 14 days OR after ALL the following criteria has been met (whichever is longer):
    • Fever-free for at least 72 hours following symptoms
    • AND other respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) improving
    • AND at least 10 days since symptoms first began
    • AND a negative test result is completed by a medical professional